Sacred Activism For Earth Lovers

by | 31 Jul, 2020

What can we do about fracking and other issues that threaten the Earth and environment? Use your spirituality to bring change!

In my Sacred Activism class on 18 July 2020, we had a look at fracking. We researched the positives and negatives of this controversial mining practice.  We then delved into the underlying issues, including our own, that contribute to this practice that may threaten the purity of the air, water and soil of our planet. We gave Mother Earth a healing!

When we see practices that threaten our environment it’s easy to blame and be angry but if we look at it from the perspective of the mass consciousness, that includes us, consciously and unconsciously we are creating the world we live in.  If we are creating it, we can create an alternative too.

By growing in understanding of unity consciousness, we start to intuit that this along with everything else is happening in my universe, the one that I co-create. We can clean it up vibrationally, we call back our spirit and energy from parts we no longer choose. We can reclaim our power, and work on the inner dimensions to re-build clean water, clean air, clean soil.

Our way of life for decades has depended upon coal, gas and oil. We have luxurious lives. Our lives are more luxurious than kings and queens of 200 or 300 years ago. We have climate control, soft furnishings, lighting and comfortable transport that they could not have even dreamed of.  Through our lifestyle we are enjoying the payoff of mining.

Once we cleared and cleansed the consciousness that is contributing to this problem we envisioned a life where there is no fracking unless it is completely safe for humans and nature, that 100% of energy consumed by our society including us is clean, that people of high consciousness work as leaders in our governments, and that our governments are focused on clean air, clean water and clean soil.

We envisaged that the prosperity of a nation is measured by the health and happiness of the environment and its inhabitants. And we decided to energise the vision that organisations are driven by the desire to ensure the health and well being of all of nature and all of us.

The more light we bring into this issue the stronger our visions for the future will be.  We bring light into these areas by doing the meditations and the more we do them the more light we create.

If you are passionate about clean air, clean soil and clean water you might like to watch this class on replay in this link.

Please also share with like-minded friends and family. Together we can make a difference!

The best way to explore Sacred Activism is to be part of it. I am run a seminar called Sacred Activism where you can learn more about these principles, how to apply them.


Shakti Durga



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