Sacred Attainment, Encinitas

by | 5 May, 2016

Well here we are in Encinitas, which is an area of San Diego known as the consciousness capital of California. There are more yoga studios, vegetarian restaurants and spiritual classes here than one could imagine. It is here that Paramahamsa Yogananda started the Self Realisation fellowship and built temples and gardens, some of which are still here. One of his temples fell into the sea as the unstable cliffs were eroded.
It just goes to show that even in the greatest of missions, not everything will go according to plan. Luckily, other buildings and the gardens still exist and the pervasive influence of having had a great Saint live here is still able to be felt.

Our retreat venue is a seaside mansion, the perfect place to be invoking and embodying the Divine Mother. It is surely one of the paradise locations on Divine Mother Earth.  Our days are filled with sacred practices and joy. We are surrounded by beauty, with 180 degree views of the ocean.

Our week started with Mother Durga’s blessings of strength and courage, and an exploration of the many different worlds we can inhabit. We have had Cosmic meditations and amazing music thanks to Veena Vaani and the growing collection of recorded music, courtesy of our talented Shanti Musicians.

Shakti Durga Retreats, Waking Up the Goddess, San Diego, Shanti Mission

A highlight for me was that Brahman Kyrie received a big initiation confirming her status as Paramahamsa within Shanti Mission.  As you know, initiation is the beginning of a journey.  Paramahamsa initiation in our school is given to senior committed disciples to help them develop their own missions within a mission, and to be more empowered to serve. It takes years, sometimes even a few lifetimes to grow into the initiation. Only a handful of people in Shanti Mission have had the second initiation, which confers recognition that yes, this person is ready to serve as Paramahamsa and thus to have more spiritual responsibility.

It makes me so happy to see members of our spiritual family flourishing, working through obstacles in such a pure way, and stepping out of attachments and emotional reactions into the purity and bliss of surrendered, dynamic, assertive, loving, blissful and effective service. Please send her love, because it is a big duty and I know she is up for it.

As we are about to start our day, I can feel Mother Lakshmi flowing in and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Shakti Durga Retreats, Waking Up the Goddess, San Diego, Shanti Mission


See you on the inner plane.

Loads of love,

Shakti Durga

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