Sacred Earth Activism

by | 22 Jul, 2020

It’s easy to feel annoyed about what’s going on in the world.

To be frustrated, even rageful when you see disgraceful behaviour by people or organisations profiteering from the destruction of animals, forests or environments.

So what can we do to play a part in the cessation of poisoning and destruction of the natural world? What can we do to help bring about clean water, clean air and clean soil? How can we make a difference without unconsciously adding to the problems?

If we look at history you usually find that anger is the fire in the belly that says ‘we have to do something and make changes’. Anger’s job is to get us motivated.

Working with spiritual laws, the law of vibration operates such that if we can’t process the anger before we take action, e.g. complain about it or enter into the debate. If we take action when we are angry all people will hear and feel is the anger. Anger is repellent to anyone who holds an opposite view, creating more division between the two sides of the argument.

It seems in this world there are a lot of people who don’t hold the well being of the planet, of clean water, clean air and clean soil as a very high priority. How do we get through to these people? How do we change the status quo? While the feeling of rage and anger is an important starting point to get us motivated, if it continues as the overriding energy during a change movement or revolution, vibrationally speaking you end up with something just as bad as what was there before. You don’t end up with an improvement, you just change the players, and much the same stuff keeps happening.

Alternatively, we can learn to be spiritually and vibrationally empowered around these problems. We can feel the anger, rage, frustration and then transmute this internally, and then be able to come to a place inside motivated by love, concern and compassion, while holding a better vision for the future.

Even when awful things are happening in the world, we need to be responsible visionaries. To be able to hold a vision that there is a better way or outcome, for it to be manifested. There are a lot of good people sitting in fear about the future right now. Fear is powerful and can lead to us imagining some pretty horrid scenarios.

For a sacred activist this is part of the process, but it’s not the end of the process. What we are doing is looking at how can we complete the process and not get lost in that horror. How can we be part of the lift and shift that starts a new conversation, that starts a new visioning happening, of loving kindness towards not just other humans but also other species and the natural world.

Many experiments have proven the importance of mindset. The power of human thought has an effect. Vibrations emanate from thought. The manner of our thought, will govern the direction of where energy moves towards. There’s enough evidence around now, both from ancient mystics and from modern scientists to say that what we focus on grows.

Thankfully the law of vibration has been constructed in such a way that even a small number of people who are able to hold a positive vision in the vibration of love, compassion and peace can cancel out millions of thoughts held at the vibration of fear, blame, shame, anger and rage.

I welcome anybody who is interested in this sort of work to join Sacred Activism for Earth Lovers Class recorded on my Facebook page. They can be repeated and shared freely. The more people participate, the more it will help shift the energy around these situations for the better.

Our aim is clean water, clean air, clean soil, and balance in the natural kingdoms. If we focus on this it’s probable that a lot of other things will come into balance too.

Here is the link to the first class held on 11 July 2020.

Namaste Shakti Durga



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