Spiritual Names

by | 7 Dec, 2016

Today someone asked me why we would have spiritual names.

For me, the answer is: they are both inspirational and aspirational.

The Divine is already within us, just not revealed yet. We use a whole range of different spiritual practices and have a variety of Gurus Rishis Sages Saints Priests and Holy Masters who help us connect with the Divine and realize the Higher self.

By calling someone a name of God rather than their ego or personality name, one calls up that inner dormant energy. The response in the etheric body can be felt, causing a strengthening of the spirit compared to when the birth name is used. This can be verified by scanning.

We can also contemplate the meaning of the names, and as we meditate upon them, various qualities and attributes of the Divine are revealed and activated within us over time.

It is up to the individual whether they choose to change their names legally like I did, or whether they only use it in private during meditation upon the soul, or just when they are in their Spiritual School. There is no set rule about it, just what feels right to you.

At first it feels strange using a Divine name. But after a while it feels strange using the old name. How lovely it is to honour the soul in every person by calling them by a beautiful and potent Divine name.


Shakti Durga

If you would like your spiritual name it’s a good idea to do some spiritual training with us before the soul reveals itself in this way.



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