Becoming the Love of Your Life


Tantra means weaving. It is a spiritual path that honours all of life, weaves our light through our dark, and leaves no stone unturned on our journey into blazing joyful wholeness of self.

For most of us on a spiritual path, whether we know it or not, we have been on a tantric path! By raising our vibration, exploring our shadow, taking responsibility in our relationships we have been weaving darkness into light, which is tantra.

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In our multidimensional course we will be exploring many of the spiritual foundations of ancient tantra as well as incorporating modern practical ideas and exploring  a refreshed look at how our inner masculine supports our inner feminine and vice versa.

We will take a look at sexual tantra and clearing outdated limiting  sexual beliefs, and reclaiming Soul fragments that can split off through sexual connections, impacting our karma and even our personality….

We will explore our body connection and awareness and even take ourselves on a date!!!! This seminar is about becoming the love of your (own) life, so whether you’re currently single or in a romantic partnership or anything in between you are welcome to join us for this powerful journey into acceptance and self love.

No matter what your current relationship status all forms of relationship function in a clearer more empowered flow when we each become the love of our own life!

NB. Our goal is to create a safe, loving, inclusive  and  authentic container to explore this topic and due to the in-depth nature of this seminar, if you are new to the Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga then we ask you to have 3 Lift sessions prior to the commencement of this seminar and for all participants we ask  that you to take  personal responsibility by organising  adequate support before, during and after this seminar.

Tantra practices are advanced and purification is essential. If you have experienced sexual trauma then please discuss with your treating therapist if it’s for your highest and best good to attend this seminar, if you are in any way unsure then please email Savitur at

We hope that you can join us for this five week (cloths on) tantra workshop.

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