The 11 Principles Of Sacred Activism

by | 10 Jan, 2021

What is Sacred Activism?

When I teach Sacred Activism classes for Earth Lovers these are the 11 principles we work with:

1) Clean Water, Clean Air and Clean Soil are our objectives. We hold a vision that the world becomes cleaner, and nature more nurtured and highly valued by humanity all over the world.

2) The oxygen we breathe comes from the trees and the ocean, upon which our survival depends.

3) Nature is part of the same unified field of energy and consciousness that we are. The same life forces that exist in nature are in us too. We are part of the ‘one thing’, the infinite spirit flows through all of it. It’s part of us and we’re part of it.

4) There’s an unseen world that we’re interacting with all the time, a world of causation. What happens in the physical world of Earth is largely the result of inner and unseen forces. With spiritual and metaphysical training you can start to become aware of those forces and work productively with them, to bring forth a more healthy, balanced, beautiful reality for everybody.

5) Once we start learning and applying ancient wisdoms, we may commune with the natural world more deeply than ever before. Sacred activism provides an opportunity for learning and healing for nature and ourselves. We can connect with the spirit of nature and make a difference.

6) When the relationship between humanity and nature is unbalanced, or when humanity itself is unbalanced, it creates imbalances in the physical world.

7) Thought is a creative force. Our thoughts create our reality.

8) What we focus on grows. Rather than focus on the problem, this training and service work helps us to flip our awareness, focus and energy into growing the solution instead of the problem. This is particularly important when we’re dealing with horror stories about what is happening with nature (or any other area in life where we may perceive a problem).

9) Arguing with people who have a different mindset is generally futile. They do not listen. Vitriol, criticism, hatred, blame and opposition – these things just make people defensive. They further justify their positions as they don’t want to be seen to be wrong, feel judged or ‘less than’.

10) Love is the key to positive change. When we can send love instead, people can have epiphanies and realisations from within their own being, that possibly what they’ve been doing is not correct for them anymore. People can change. It’s only with an energy force as potent as love that we can bring this change about. Love can melt the hardest heart and open the most closed mind. Through Sacred Activism we will grow in strength and capacity for love. We’re able to love things that have previously been unlovable to us. This is working together in unity and taking responsibility in the sense of oneness. This approach of unity consciousness is truly liberating and a potent force for positive change.

11) Working on the inner plane with healing and relationship tools, we create change not just personally but also transpersonally. We can change our beliefs away from powerlessness and separateness. Not just by raising awareness, but by clearing the blockages to change. We call our spirit and energy back from the problems and use it instead to influence positive change and solutions in the world.

Namaste Shakti Durga

The best way to explore Sacred Activism is to be part of it. Shakti Durga runs a Sacred Activism seminar where you can learn more about these principles, how to apply them and participate in Spiritual Activism meditations, You can also access Shakti Durga’s Sacred Activism for Earth Lovers classes here.




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