The Answers are within You

by | 6 Oct, 2019

But how do we access them?

In your spiritual travels, have you ever heard the expression that everything you need to know is already inside you? We’ve all heard that, haven’t we?

The question then becomes, if that’s the case, how do you access it? That is the important part. Yes, the answers are within us, yes, the whole universe is within us. But that’s not very useful unless we know how to access it.

To do so is going to take us beyond the mind because the mind is a system for learning about the physical world and being able to use rational cognition. But we need something more than that. We need to access our spirit and our soul.

It’s only when we learn how to connect with and sit in the presence of those parts of self that a comment such as everything’s within you, is useful.

For me, that’s what I do with my time, and all of the sessions and seminars I run have some element of connecting with that. Within you, beyond the mind, is the eternal space that exists there. The lock on the door is the heart. It can be hard work getting your heart open. It means you have to deal with all your emotions and all the things that have been suppressed over time.

But it’s even harder work not doing it because what happens is it’s all sitting there sabotaging your life every day. Sabotaging your relationships. Have you ever wished you had a rewind button on your mouth?! ‘Oh my God I just wish I hadn’t said that.

’It’s because of what’s sitting in front of the heart clogging it up.

If we can move all of that out of the way, and we do that by working on our spirit and by a lot of inner cleansing, we’re going to unlock this sacred portal that’s within us, and have access to this realm of love and wisdom which will raise our vibration, and open us into the worlds within worlds that live within us.

It can be done, but it won’t be done by just utilising the mind. One has to actually engage with the transformative work that can only be accessed through the spirit and the soul.

Blessings, Shakti Durga

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