The Benefit of Helping Others

by | 6 Nov, 2019

Helping to Increase Your Abundance

If you are interested in wealth and how to be both wealthy and spiritual, then think about this…

Spiritually we want to help other people. If you want to be wealthy, help other people to be wealthy, consequently they will feel drawn to your services. They will be grateful that you’ve helped them achieve whatever it is that they were wanting to achieve in their life.

By helping others, we set up the parameters for our own success. The more we can help other people to be successful, the more they are going to want what we are doing.  The more they are going to tell their friends. Word will get out. The resulting energy will be positive and uplifting.

Make sure that you are really in touch with what it is that people want. Ask yourself ‘what is it that I can deliver that people really want?’

Try and get real with what it is that you give to the world.

Blessings, Shakti Durga

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