The Big Island, Hawaii

by | 13 Sep, 2017

Exploring the sacred sites of the Big Island, Hawaii.

Today was day one of a month long journey of the soul through North America. With Veena Vani and Hanumani, we are staying in Pahoa (East Coast) on the Big Island Hawai’i.

We were blessed to connect with a high priestess from the Hawaiian tradition, known as Kahuna. She took us to a sacred cave to the Goddess Pele, which was an adventure to get to through jungle, then we made our way down into the cave, and with torches, moved slowly over the rocky and uneven cave floor, through narrow passages to get to a really Holy cavern. Used for centuries for women’s business, this cave is a place for visioning, meditation, and healing. Pele is the Goddess of volcanos, lava and mountains, and it felt meant to be that we would connect with her in this amazing place.

The Kahuna priestess told us Pele had been waiting for us, and wanted to bless our work. She talked of the Goddess Pele wanting to help us in building our mana (similar term to the Egyptian ka, or vehicle of light) so that we could do our healing work more effectively. We received huge blessings from the Goddess, so much mana was bestowed I had a huge crown chakra ache, until I swept some of the energy off my head and through my body, storing it in the various chakras.

The priestess gave all of us messages from Pele, and then we meditated and everybody felt the Divine presence, receiving guidance and inspiration before we departed back into the ‘real’ world again.

It is difficult to convey the richness of the experience and the energy of Pahoa district here. It is very gentle and nourishing, with cool breezes and jungle everywhere. We gave a satsang and blessings at Hawaiian Sanctuary and today we are teaching Ignite Your Spirit * to a group of spiritual seekers from the Centre for Spiritual Living. It will be lovely to share sacred time with people who are committed to their spiritual path and who are yeaning for more.

Take care of each other, and keep an eye out for the information that will be coming your way about the project we are working on to help lift the vibration of the consciousness of the USA from fear to more love. You are a light worker, and your participation in that will make a difference.

Namaste and blessings,

Shakti Durga

*This seminar is now called Centres of Consciousness and is part of The Consciousness Connection.



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