The Gift and Art of Managing Adversity

by | 16 Feb, 2023

As you may have heard, my health required urgent attention over the past month, with two hospital admissions, surgery and lots of tests and a big need for rest. When one has a life disruption like this, it gives lots of time for introspection and contemplation. It feels like a reset, an opportunity to see myself and life differently.

Have you ever been through something like that?

Our karma is mysterious and arises from all the actions of this and past lives. We cannot know what is coming but we can have some mental ‘coat hangers’ and spiritual tools so that if we are tested, we can deal with what comes in the best way possible. That best possible way is with compassion, with kindness, with gentleness.

I said above that this was a life disruption, but actually, it is just life itself, in all its wildness and unpredictability, happening as it does. What is really more amazing is that most of the time, life is fairly orderly and things turn out much as we expect they will.

When the unexpected occurs, there is a surrender involved. For me it was letting go my excitement about the new year beginning of a wonderful array of meditation classes, the opportunity to teach energy healing for the first time in years, and the joy of seeing people again for our in person Satsang’s here in Cooranbong.

Letting go and focussing on what is, one is able to make peace with the situation and let in the light.

Through grace, I have been wonderfully supported by excellent healers, who have been on rotation helping me every day. This is a labour of love, which I cannot repay. It is a gift, a divine offering.

It also felt very much like this situation was a form of initiation. When in emergency, in a semi-conscious state, I perceived rainbow light flowing in and through me, particularly through the organs which were struggling at the time. It was profoundly peaceful.

And then I realised that every adversity so called that we experience is a form of initiation. It is a doorway we can walk through into a different version of ourselves. Our habits are disrupted. Our expectations are dashed. We dissolve into the present moment, life becomes very immediate, the divine is embracing us if we let it.

And apart from all that, I am getting better every day, and enjoying the sunshine and kindness of friends, family and Shiva. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Lots of Love and blessings to you and yours,

Shakti Durga.



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