The Lakshmi Effect

by | 4 Apr, 2018

Anything we begin needs to be maintained in order to thrive, be it relationships, businesses or spiritual missions. Maintenance requires cycles of re-orientation and lift. This is the natural order of things, it is in alignment with evolution itself. Actually, it is the Lakshmi effect. Lakshmi is called the Goddess of abundance, which she is, but this is a bit narrow for the role she actually plays in our life. She takes the things we have already created and makes them more beautiful. She removes the sting from the tail and causes us to realize how we can make our creations more appealing, less stressful, more inviting, relaxing, abundant, invigorating and enjoyable.

I can tell that Lakshmi is in the house, gently taking us on a journey. With her guidance, we are making changes, simplifying, getting more approachable, the work is becoming easier and more beautiful. With the help of Prema, I am getting towards the final version of a lovely simple new book to help make energy healing easier for people to grasp.

For me, in this year of creative contentment, it feels that less is more.  I am enjoying more time for contemplation, and seeing opportunities everywhere for lifting out of habits a long time in the making, into fresh fields. There will be less seminars taught by me and more opportunities for activations, whether individually or as a group. There will be more ceremony, both with the Angels, and with our beloved Tantric Goddesses. I hope there will be opportunities for us to see each other in person as the plan unfolds.

Think about your own life: where is the plan of evolution helping you? What will you need to let go of to receive more flow, clarity and peace?

Om Lakshmi


Shakti Durga 



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