The Law Of Cycles

by | 8 Aug, 2014

I have been contemplating the law of cycles. In life, things will not stay heading in the same direction indefinitely.

The whole point of life is learning and growth. That would hardly occur if everything were to stay the same. As day follows night, what goes up will come down, what begins will end; good weather like bad is only temporary.

Seasons, Nature, startling events, astrological transits, people behaving unexpectedly are just some of the things that can set in motion different parts of a cycle. All of this is designed by Nature to keep us moving. Just as things don’t go well for our bodies if we allow them to stagnate through lack of movement, things don’t go so well for our souls either if they are allowed to stagnate. The soul loves new experiences, and 360-degree learning. Our personalities don’t like to be disrupted. Our souls thrive on it.

Discerning the correct path when unexpected curves appear in the cycles of our lives is quite an interesting challenge. Sometimes we cannot really find answers and have far more questions than anything solid that we feel we can rely upon. I always feel that in these times we are steering through an invisible field with the only rudder being our mind. We cannot see where we are going and may not even be aware of what destination is ahead. Nevertheless, our vibration, as well as our vision of who we are, will help pull us through cycles. It may be important to hold onto principles of vibrational excellence during this time of un-knowing.

We are all in cycles, in our earthly relationships (honeymoon, differences, conflict, resolution and back to honeymoon, or separation) and even in our Divine relationship as well. Whenever we use real, transformative spiritual tools we will set in motion a cycle. Generally speaking, we will meet the J curve. We will find ourselves going through a dip (we call it processing) and then expanding from that in a way that would never have happened but for the fact that we were able to withstand the process. For example, if we have had low self-esteem, then facing that would be the dip in the J where we feel things are getting worse. But when we work through it, we are liberated from debilitating poverty of spirit. Our whole life is likely to look better, but it would not have happened had we not faced the part of the cycle that feels like a valley of darkness.

Experiences and wonders we never knew existed emerge as we continue around the cycles of life. We are bound to discover more of our interconnectedness with the myriad of smaller and greater cycles that are happening internally and externally all the time. And, in small things be great. In great things, be humble.

Shakti Durga

If you would like to learn more about the cycle of relationships, Shakti Durga’s book Empowering Relationships has a section on the intimacy cycle that she refers to in the blog.



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