The Yin and Yang of Serving

by | 20 Dec, 2016

Who’s Agenda Are You Serving?

Many times we have very clear agendas of what we want to get done. We may be in a serving role however instead of merging into what those we serve require, we have agendas and wish to impose solutions upon them, getting frustrated if they do not adopt our ideas.

As a servant of humanity, it is necessary to listen with our hearts and feel into what might be useful, and to offer it without attachment.

Even when we feel that we are right and they are wrong, the bigger question is how are we going to utilize the energy and adapt to a way of going forward together that actually works?

Just because a plan says that this should work does not mean that it will. We need to be constantly adapting, looking, moving, taking queues from nuances, and if there is non-compliance with guidelines, perhaps we ought to see if the guidelines are actually helping those whom they were designed to serve.

Life is all about learning. When snow skiing, most people stay on the predictable and safe, well signposted trails or pistes. However, sometimes you find yourself ‘off piste’ which is inevitably less comfortable. And, sometimes those are the most interesting and instructive places to be. So from time to time, why not go a little ‘off piste’ and see what you can learn in the deep. The track you come back onto may actually take you where you want to go.

Shakti Durga

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