Thy Kingdom Come

by | 14 Jan, 2017

My beautiful son came home from USA with pneumonia, which he kindly shared with me and it manifested in my body as bronchitis. Happily he is now well, however I was unable to leave for India as planned last Sunday, and spent the week recuperating at home. Despite being ill, the week was very pleasant and gentle, and enabled me to integrate the very many wonderful spiritual experiences and expansions that have been coming in wave after wave during the past years and even more intensively since Navaratri in October. And in the perfection of the Cosmic dance, Venkateshwara was able to complete my new CD of uplifting chant and world music called Oh My Goddess! which I can now take and give to Sri Sakthi Amma.

I am now in Chennai, heading out to the Ashram to see Amma and the retreat participants, who are being cared for very ably by Amma as well as by Maitreya, Jagatambe, Shiva, Ganga and others.

I feel that it is so important not to be attached to anything, be it how we can serve, or even to how one imagines one’s spirituality is going to evolve. As we find deeper and deeper peace, life, even when manifesting unexpectedly, becomes joy and bliss. We feel the strength and can sense the deeper purpose flowing from the internal reservoirs of our soul. Primal, Divine energy and sound emanates through our bodies, minds and spirit, bouncing back to us as lasting joy and peace, even in the unexpected twists and turns of life. Through all this we manifest the Divine Kingdom within our own being, which is a boon to everyone. Blessings and may Thy Kingdom Come.

Om Shanti

Shakti Durga



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