Entering The Unified Field through Humility

by | 1 Feb, 2023

As we consider walking through the doorway to higher consciousness, here’s one of the keys for all of us to take a closer look at… what is humility and how can it help us step back into oneness?

Humility is a key to oneness and higher consciousness. In fact, I think that when we step out of humility, we go into separateness…we ‘other’ people and we ‘other’ ourselves. But when we’re in humility, we tend to be one more easily.  One of the signs that we’ve stepped out of humility, obviously enough, is when we go into arrogance. Unfortunately most of the time we don’t know when we are being arrogant.

Here are some pointers on knowing when you have slipped out of humility…

When we go into ‘I know everything’ or ‘I know better than you so listen to me’ or when you don’t listen and think you know what’s best. ‘Let me tell you how to live your life’, there’s an arrogance to all of that. When we are in that state, it is not always obvious to us. However it is obvious to others. We strengthen our ego through arrogance, we justify our anger, our finger pointing and our lofty superiority.

Less obvious again is when we step out of humility by going into feeling less than. Feeling less than is not humility. When I feel less than, I’ve gone into separateness, I’m judging myself, I’m comparing myself to you, which automatically brings duality and often, pain.

A challenge for the year, is to play with the term humility and what it means, instead thinking about turning up with your whole self and offering what you have.

You don’t have to wait till you’re perfect before you can help someone else, before you can do what you feel you’re called here to do. You don’t need to be perfect. Just offer what you have.  And if it’s not as much as what someone else is able to offer, then don’t feel less than just offer what you have. By offering what you have, you’ll stay in humility.

When you start going, ‘Oh, well, it won’t be as good as that person’s’, then you’ve stepped out, you’re in separateness again. There will be people who want exactly what you have. They don’t want what the person you think is perfect has to offer. They want you…your flavour, your essence, your being. Know that you are enough.

What a wonderful, easy, simple tool to stand on the threshold of higher consciousness.  “Oh, where am I coming from? Am I coming from being better than that person, thinking I have answers that they should have? Why can’t they see it?” Or have I gone into the invisibility of feeling not good enough? Or victimised? Just considering now what your most common pattern might be? It’s ok. We all do it. Let’s catch it and move back into oneness, through the portal of humility.

And breathing in and just being gently aware in a compassionate way of the times that you step out of the threshold of oneness offered by humility. Just thinking compassionately, whether perhaps we focus on the mistakes of others, judge them harshly, go into feeling superior? If you were a good person, you would do things the way I think is right. My way. And just contemplate whether you more often experience the other side of the dance, where we go into ‘I’m not good enough’.

I’m going to ask that you gently remind yourself and use those life episodes as triggers to remember to do a spiritual practice which is to come into humility. We are one, we are one, we are one. What is it that a step up in consciousness through humility to oneness is asking of you? What’s it asking that you perceive in yourself or another person a little differently? Can you just offer what you have, accepting yourself as you are and knowing that’s enough? This is the stepping-stone of humility that puts you on the lintel of the doorway to oneness and lets you walk through. Move yourself into humility and see things through fresh eyes. See things through fresh eyes. See things through fresh eyes.

Breathing into your Ajna chakra and out through the back of the head. And breathing in through Ajna chakra and out through the back of the neck.  Connect with your heart and pray, I ask the divine to help me in the transition into humility where I may currently miss the mark. May I achieve humility, with compassion and with ease and grace.

May we have remembrance of the unified field accessible through humility. May we catch ourselves as we fall into duality and reawaken the unified field as we step back into humility.  May we offer what we have – just humbly offering what we have. It’s okay if people say yes, it’s okay if people say no, it’s okay if we get it wrong. It’s okay if we do a great job. We offer what we have. We do our best. In full faith. Be You.

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