US Election Result

by | 12 Nov, 2016

Like many people, you may have been surprised about the election result in the USA.  While President Elect Trump’s victory speech was comparatively conciliatory, the news today contains scenes of protest, racist aggression and an eruption of simmering resentments. Angry people on both sides are blaming each other for all kinds of things.  A multitude of conflicting voices are seeking to be heard in the aftermath of a difficult, divisive and fear driven campaign. How should we respond to all this?

Firstly, politicians do not just pop up randomly. They are an outpouring of the collective unconscious, which flows through us all.  The culture and society calls forth its leaders and then projects both light and shadow onto them. The play of dark and light is occurring on a national scale, and we have a choice. Join into the murkiness, or take the road less traveled.

Every person has light and dark within them, and every person is on a journey that will involve change and the need to move with situations and circumstances.

The more fear and loathing a person receives, the more they live into their fears and make decisions based upon them. The more love a person receives, the more they live into their light. Knowing this, I feel drawn to send love to this situation, to everyone involved and particularly to the President Elect.  I think it will do more potential good than any amount of griping, complaining, bitterness or angst.

None of us are powerless. We are all able to contribute a vibrational impulse into this situation. What will yours be? When we allow ourselves to be drawn into negativity or we sit in rage, cynicism or judgment with the shaming, blaming, finger pointing consciousness of the ego, we add to potential problems. We forget that we have access to realms of higher consciousness and the potential for miracle. Our emotional reaction tells us that we are looking at our own unloved and unconscious shadow.  Thus, we have entered a classroom of learning more about love.

People of faith the world over know that love creates miracles. The prayers and love of a vast number of people focused upon lifting and shifting a situation can change the probable future.

The Divine is within every single person on Earth, and love brings that facet of the person to the surface. Fear and derision cause it to retreat behind large reinforced walls. The miracle of love can work with and through anyone, making the good stronger and anything negative weaker. Without it, all we can expect is more of what we have already experienced.  With the cultivation of love, supported by prayers, rituals, ceremonies or puja, we can build a powerful wave of peaceful, inspiring energy to help bring forth the best in those who will form the new government.

For me personally, something else interesting happened. When I heard that Mr Trump had won the election, I experienced a non-mind response of expansion of my energy field combined with light and bliss. I can only surmise that it is all meant to be.

May your love expand and lift you into higher consciousness, where a more beautiful world is in the process of formation even now. I offer love and blessings to the new President Elect of the USA, as well as to all the diverse people of America and invite you to do the same.

Om Shanti

Shakti Durga

If you are interested in Sacred Activism and using your spirituality to create more love in the world. Shakti Durga now runs as seminar called Sacred Activism.



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