Shakti Durga U.S.A Events!

by | 10 Mar, 2023

As part of the vision to expand our reach across the world, Shakti Durga is holding more events in the U.S (both in the U.S and online options).  If you would like to attend these events, or want to pass it on to any friends or family, please see further detail below.  We hope to see you there!

Event 1. March 24, 2023 – Online

Embracing a Higher Love

Join us in being with Shakti Durga for an experiential overview of her unique body of work. Complimentary 90 minute gathering hosted by Shiloh Sophia.

Shakti Durga shares an invitation to experience more love than you’ve ever known – she will invite us to explore igniting and uplifting our spirits!

We will also explore the domains of energy and form that human beings are experiencing at this time. Shiloh Sophia will offer an Intentional Creativity experience that pairs with Shakti Durga’s teachings.


  • Online 90 minute session
  • March 24th at 6pm-730pm PST / 12 noon AEST

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Event 2. March 31 – April 2, 2023 San Diego

Song of the Soul Retreat.

Join Shakti Durga and Brahman Kyrie as we cultivate inner illumination, multi-faceted spirituality and the fine art of balancing our inner life with worldly affairs. As we learn to face our challenges in new ways, we practice bringing more grace love and healing into our lives.

Come and share music, wisdom talks, ceremonies, experiential meditations, blessings and more with contemporary mystic Shakti Durga. Enjoy the melding of practices from diverse traditions, and the peeling back of layers of dullness and discord to reveal the sparkling jewel of truth, light, bliss and more love than you have ever known.


  • March 31st 4pm – April 2nd 530pm
  • Location: San Diego
  • $360 US

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Event 3. April 12, 2023, 10-4pm – Online

Embody the Cosmic Romance:  Partnering with The Divine.

This visceral arts-infused journey is designed to radically nourish your soul by providing creative gateways to reclaim all of who you are, the intimate and the infinite.  Your linear mind will thank you


  • Embody the Cosmic Romance: Global Daylong Class with SHAKTI DURGA, Shiloh Sophia, Gary Malkin and Lynnea Brinkerhoff
  • April 12, 2023 from 10am – 4pm Pacific Time / April 13th, 3am AEST
  • Location:  Online
  • Who: Calling to the Spiritual Seeker, the lover of life who wants to have a fun and creative day of embodying Cosmic Romance.
  • How: We will use very basic art materials including watercolour paper and watercolour or acrylic paint – as we move through each teachings in the day.
  • Materials: Bring a pen and paper, Watercolour paint or any kind of paint, 22 x 30 piece of watercolour paper, available at any art store by you (140 lb.), Cuppa tea and a candle
  • Cost: $147 US or 3-payments of $50 US

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Event 4. April 12, 10-4pm, 2023 Sonoma, California

Song of the Soul – Reclaiming Consciousness Beyond the Mind

Come share music-infused wisdom talks and ceremonies with contemporary mystic Shakti Durga, enriched by the musical magic of Gary Malkin, melding practices, reflection, dialogue, luscious meals and play – all to Ignite Your Spirit.


  • April 14 – April 16
  • Location: At Shiloh Sophia’s MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity, 75 Fremont Drive Sonoma, CA 95476 United States
  • $363 US

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To see the full events calendar, please go here.



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