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by | 13 May, 2016

We were all set to go to the Whitehouse where the President lives as part of our experience, only to find that it is currently closed.  Then, at the airport we found that time magazine just published a full colour glossy picture magazine on the Whitehouse, including a map of all the rooms and their functions. We wanted to do some service clearing and cleansing energy and offering blessing to the White House rooms in which executive government takes place, and now we can! We all now have copies of the magazine, and tonight we put them to good use. You can probably pick up a copy wherever you are, and send your blessings and love to support the work of governing that happens there.


Shakti Durga, Fire PujaShakti Durga, Fire Puja Washington DC, Shanti MissionShakti Durga, Durga PujaShakti Durga, Fire Puja

Our second fire puja here was specifically a Durga fire. We did many repetitions of Durga Suktam and other Durga prayers.  There was beautiful energy, and then at the end of our small fire, which we had built in a round camphor lamp, small enough to have inside the house, we then put the fire outside so it could go out.

Fire Puja, Shanti Mission, Shakti DurgaShakti Durga Retreats, Washington DC

After 45 minutes of enjoying Prasad, singing and everyone having blessings, we then went out to get the fire to take some ash, expecting the usual smoking blob.  However the fire was still going and flames were still dancing in the small havan. We wondered how this was possible, and feeling all the energy in the havan we started chanting again. No more wood or ghee was offered, but the fire kept burning for one and three quarter hours. By that time it was nearly midnight and we just couldn’t keep watching any more, and we had absorbed so much energy from the Holy flames, that we had to actually put it out.  We swept lots of energy into the Capitol building, where we are going together tomorrow. This is the building in which the two houses of American politics, the Congress and the Senate meet and debate bills and make laws.   It will be interesting to visit and feel the energy, particularly after this evening fire puja, asking for Mother Durga’s transformative blessings, which were to say the least, epic!

Our Visit to Congress
Our mix of Australian and American devotees are praying every day for the welfare and good government of the USA, and for a lift in the vibration of the whole political process.

Here in Washington there is a beautiful central park around which various historic and active sites are set out. The Whitehouse, Congress and a slew of incredible museums are all in close proximity. On our first visit into the city we went to the Museum of Natural History. We were all drawn to visit the butterfly exhibition, where one can walk through a special enclosure filled with hundreds of exotic and beautiful butterflies from all over the world. We felt so much joy and of course, one ended up having a little sleep on Brahman Kyrie’s arm to everyone’s delight.  Then we went to the American Archives Museum where the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are all on display.  It was inspiring to feel the energy of the original intention for this country and we were all amazed at the breadth and purity of the vision that set up the USA.

The next morning as I was waking, the deva of butterflies came to me and said it was Divine program for us to visit with the butterfly colony: who, She said, do you think carries the energy of transformation for the world? Of course: butterflies.  If we want to transform things then carrying the energy of butterflies is actually relevant! Who’d have thought?


Washington DC, Shakti Durga Retreats

After our spiritual practices we went to the Capitol building and saw an inspiring film as well as going on a tour. Then we got passes to the visitors gallery sitting up above the hall of congress itself, the room where the political process takes place and speeches are made for and against various pieces of legislation whenever congress is sitting.  We were there an hour before the sitting began, and we used the time to clear the space. We had so many visions and experiences in this room.  There were lots of entities and dark blobs that we were able to clear and we perceived the walls flaming. We all merged and guru quietly chanted Durga Suktam causing a waterfall of energy to enter the chamber.

We sent all our love into the room, intending that Durga go into all the soft furnishing and wood to support the courageous people who are trying to do good and effect transformation. We asked the symbol of the House, Lady Liberty to use her sword to lift and shift the astral field, and we all felt a huge change from when we arrived to when the members of congress entered the space. Then to our surprise, the first item of business was a bi-partisan bill where each party thanked each other for their help and support getting an important matter dealt with!


Tomorrow we will be focusing upon what is sometimes called the fourth arm of government, the media.

Please join your prayers with ours to ask for the energy and will for our cultures and societies to bring forth the best in politics, government and media.


Shakti Durga

If you are interested in changing the political landscape using your spiritual connection, Shakti Durga now runs a seminar called Sacred Activism. Click here for details.



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