The Weather, what can you Do?

by | 13 Feb, 2015

Weather Changes – An answer from spiritual consciousness

We have arrived safely in New York, where the weather is colder than it was on the mountain of Breckenridge (where we were skiing). It would seem that, generally speaking, the cold weather has slid from Colorado in the Mid-west USA, over to East coast USA, where it is now causing chaos. Meanwhile Colorado is experiencing warm, spring like conditions, which is devastating the local community, as it relies upon the snow for its wellbeing. The freezing weather when it occurs in the mountains causes economic growth, bliss and fun for snow sport enthusiasts. Falling on the East Coast of the USA it causes frustration, accidents, delays, school and business closures and general mayhem. It is the same weather, just in a different location. Why would this change be taking place?

An answer arising from spiritual consciousness is: we do not take notice of the Nature Sprites and Devas who maintain harmonious weather patterns. We as a race are on the whole more attuned to frustration, problems and chaos than we are to peace, bliss, harmony and flow. The Nature Sprites are affected by the astral and etheric ‘stuff’ that emanates from humanity, and it drives them nuts. Discontent arising in the astral field from human minds and hearts translates to the cultivation of weather patterns that cause a matching response. The nature sprites and Devas are not to blame: they are just carrying our energy and making it physicalized. Then, in our perception, the weather is going crazy.

In the Bhagavad Gita there are accounts of the harsh, dry, exceedingly hot weather in the district where Krishna lived, becoming moderate and spring like on account of His Divine and blissful presence. In the bible, there are stories of terrible weather, and elemental problems such as floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes whereby dissolute, self-centered societies were destroyed. While this was seen as Divine punishment, to me it seems merely to be Nature’s response to imbalance.

We are not victims of weather. We are hu-man (divine minds) having a physical holiday here on the beautiful planet Earth. As we expand our consciousness, move past pure materiality and embrace the vastness of mystical awareness, we will see many obvious ways to make a difference, and we will stop blaming climate change, the Devil, or any other prevailing philosophy.

Instead, we can practice devotion and service, we can clean up our astral mess, acknowledge the many beings with whom we share creation, and step up our efforts to live in peace. Every one of us can make a difference.

Lots of love from cold, windy, snowy, amazing New York.

Shakti Durga

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