A Whale of A Time

by | 23 Jul, 2016


Shakti Durga Retreats, Initiates Retreat, Coffs Harbour, Shanti MissionShakti Durga Retreats, Initiates Retreat, Coffs Harbour, Shanti MissionShakti Durga Retreats, Initiates Retreat, Coffs Harbour, Shanti MissionShakti Durga Retreats, Initiates Retreat, Coffs Harbour, Shanti Mission, Durga, Durga Bhavan

During our day of silence we had a meditation which took place within the Archangelic temple. We were transported to an inner realm, and the Archangels met us there. Archangel Raphael came walking towards us from the East upon the ocean, and with him were a number of large whales, all standing up out of the water and from their bellies emerged 18 Siddhas or wise enlightened ones. They blessed us, and after doing so they walked back into the whales and went back under the sea.

It is whale season here, and we had several sightings of whale tails and water spouts, but nothing like in our meditation – that is until we had the inner plane version.

Just after the meditation Shiva went up on the headland and was looking out to sea chanting and connecting with nature. To his complete amazement, a whale jumped out of the water, balanced on its tail and waved its fins at him, while wave after wave of joy and bliss came over him. And then when that whale went back under the sea, two more came up and did the same thing right in front of him. Then three, then more, and he said that after twenty times he lost count of the number of occasions when the whales came out of the water, stood on their tales waving joy at him and then went back under the water.

This incredible site was witnessed by a local, who said she had never seen anything like it in her life. Other members of our retreat also saw the spectacle which seemed Divinely orchestrated, as though the whales were telling us that they knew we knew the consciousness at which they were living and that they were overjoyed to be blessing us and opening a portal to higher consciousness.

What an extraordinary thing! And all week since, we have been seeing whales, not as they were immediately after the meditation, but playing and splashing right up and down the cove.

Miracles are always subject to interpretation, and one can choose how one wishes to interpret these sequential events. For those of us who were here, we have no doubt that the Divine was revealing an aspect of itself to us through the whales. In the words of a lovely song, it was just another ordinary miracle today.

Love and blessings,
Shakti Durga


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