Where Am I Going?

by | 27 Jun, 2014

In life and particularly on a spiritual path, you are likely to come to intersections where there seem to be no road markers, nothing to clearly tell you which way to go.

This is frustrating to the personality, which loves to have the answer and to the rational mind, which wants to work things out.  When one is at the crossroads or time of questioning, the best thing is to keep asking the Divine what you should do and where you should be. Asking attracts the answer even if it is not immediate.

The next step will seem a bit glossier than the surroundings, it will have energy in it, even if it doesn’t seem like it could possibly be the next step. It might be something quite trivial, or at least that is how it seems right now. Only our egos divide things into ‘important’ and ‘trivial’.

To the essence of self, everything is sacred, everything is connected to everything else, everything and everyone matters.

The soul’s agenda is not usually revealed all in one go. There is usually a graduated disclosure, bit by bit. Just the next step really, the eventual outcome remains veiled or hidden.

One of the reason’s for this is that the “ME” who gets to be whatever the outcome might be, is a more evolved “ME” than the one asking the question thus, the answer will not make any sense. So have patience and faith that you are being guided. We all are. Guru, which is the formless, non-individuated essence of all beings, is present in our community and helping all of us, even when we don’t know that to be the case.

You are in my heart.
Namaste, Shakti Durga

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