You are Enough

by | 31 Jul, 2019

I was once asked by one of the mystics in India, ‘What do you think is the biggest problem for people in the Western world?’

And I said, ‘That’s easy, the biggest problem is people don’t believe in themselves. They doubt themselves. There’s a lack of self-love, self-respect and self-trust amongst the people. They do not believe they are enough.’

Self-doubt really undermines our efforts to do whatever it is we want to do in our life. When I was younger, I would never have believed I was a person who doubted myself. I’d been successful at school, I’d been successful at university. Success came easily to me, and I felt good about myself.

It wasn’t until I had issues culminating in a divorce, and started to learn about personal development and spirituality, that I realised that sitting underneath that, was a huge feeling of not being good enough.  I’d covered it up by overachieving in all these different areas, so I could feel good about myself.

But feeling good about myself wasn’t coming from an innate sense of I am a good person.  It was coming from my achievements. Whenever we do that we’re at the mercy of the world and how it looks at us.

What I’ve learnt over the last 25 years, has been about how can we shift the focus from what I do, and what other people see me doing, to my own sense of self-worth, that is not dependent upon worldly success for its validity.

The relief you feel when you realise that you’re good enough, that what you have to offer is enough, that who you be is enough and that you’re connected to everyone, to everything.

Today why don’t you just decide you’re going to start that journey? Take the next step on the journey.  You don’t have to prove anything, you are enough.

You can repeat that over and over, ‘I don’t have to prove anything, I’m enough.’ It’s the beginning of a journey that will change your life.  And transform the way you think not only about yourself, but it will help you have compassion for everyone else, and their journey of ‘enoughness’ as well.


Shakti Durga



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