Your Soul’s Purpose

by | 8 Oct, 2019

Reclaim Your Power

When we first come into this life, we choose our parents and they choose us. We choose the experiences we want to have as the classroom that our spirit is going to live within for this particular incarnation.

Then we spend our entire time trying to call our spirit back and reclaim ourselves from any difficulties that we’ve experienced.

For instance, imagine you’ve been raised in a family that’s very critical, quite judgmental, and that’s gone into you for years, from the time you were in utero. You might have had a mother who’s very critical of herself and other people, and that’s gone into you. You’ve lived your whole life in a self-critical way, because you just copy what the people around you have done.

So, your spirit is stuck in that pattern and paradigm.

One of the things I love about the new spirituality is how many ways we have to be able to extract our spirit from these old imprisonments to be able to set ourselves free for a more conscious choice about how we’re going to be in life.

When we’re talking about our spirit, we’re really talking about our beingness. It’s the essence of self, and instead of giving it away and being the last in line and feeling bad about ourselves we can call our spirit back and reclaim our power!

Life can completely transform. There’s many ways to do this, and the first thing is to set the intention that this is what we want to do. As soon as we set our intention, the universe swings into gear and will start sending us resources, maybe the correct book, the correct teacher for that time, whatever we need.

We’ll find that if we have really made a decision that we are going to evolve, that we are going to let that pain go, step out of it, come through it, and find the brilliant essence of the self despite all that, then we’ll grow a strength in our spirit that was not there before we incarnated.

So, one could say the purpose of life is to become spirited, is to become a soulful person, someone who blazes with the inner light and is an inspiration to those around them. I think that’s the journey that we’re all on, and when the flame is lit, we pass it on.

Blessings, Shakti Durga

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